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Favignana, the largest of the Egadi islands (archipelago that includes Levanzo, Marettimo, Maraone and Formica) is renowned for its pristine beaches and unique marine life. Crystal clear sea, a coast that offers the traveler a long series of sandy or pebble beaches, coves, caves and rocks that form unique naturalistic landscapes in the Mediterranean Sea.
Through this guide, we will take you on a fascinating virtual journey exploring the sea and beaches in Favignana, offering you a taste of what you can experience on the island

Characteristics of Favignana's sea

In 2023 Favignana was awarded 3 sails (Legambiente Blue Guide) which award the state of conservation of the territory, the quality of hospitality and tourist sustainability, taking into consideration also the presence of culturally interesting places, such as Castello (Castle) of Santa Caterina

Turquoise and transparent waters

The sea of Favignana boasts crystalline turquoise waters, an ideal setting both for unmissable photographs and for admiring breathtaking scenery that offers an ideal environment for relaxation and underwater exploration.
Discover the shades of blue that make this destination unique

Lovely beaches

Favignana has some of the most picturesque beaches in the Mediterranean: 
Cala Rossa, Bue Marino, Cala Azzurra, Calamoni and Cala Rotonda are unmissable destinations. 
Explore the hidden coves and stretches of fine sand overlooking the blue sea

Marine Protected Area: the sanctuary of biodiversity

The Marine Protected Area of Favignana it is the beating heart of marine biodiversity. With over 200 species of fish and 150 species of marine flora and fauna, the sea around the island is a true ecological sanctuary

Underwater experiences: a dream underwater world

Favignana is the perfect synthesis between the exploration of natural wonders and the immersion in centuries-old traditions such as the tuna fishing

Snorkelling and diving

Favignana offers unique underwater refuges, including the fascinating rocks of Cala Rotonda. These places are populated by a wide variety of marine creatures, creating a vibrant and unique underwater ecosystem.
A dive in these areas reveals a surprising diversity of marine life, offering a privileged glimpse into an underwater world that is still largely unexplored
Snorkelling and diving
Underwater shelters and submerged habitats
Treasures from the past and present
Suitable for all ages
La fotografia mostra i diversi luoghi consigliati per fare delle immersioni sull'isola di Favignana
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Punta Sottile

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Home surrounded by greenness
120 square meters
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
large outdoor swimming pool

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Casa Turchese

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Home with breathtaking view
80 square meters
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
large outdoor spaces

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Casa Glicine

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Home with breathtaking view
80 square meters
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
large outdoor spaces

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Casa Elisa

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Luxury home
110 square meters
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms (1 en-suite)
Bioclimatic pergola

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Tra Vento e Mare

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